You're HERE because you're interested in what's going on and what's available at Trautman Family Farm, Stoughton WI
We're a 100% direct market certified organic family farm (as in selling to great people just like you) in the Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois (including Chicago) area.
We have for sale grassfed beef, pastured pork, pastured free range eggs, and we have a 100% grass dairy herd, awaiting legal raw milk in Wisconsin.

We'll sure keep it brief; about once a month is planned at this time. You will of course be able to remove yourself from this list at any time.

And - we encourage you to share with your like minded - or you'd like to be like minded - friends.

We hope you'll find our newsletter informative, fun, and useful.

Thanks - a better world, one person and one purchase at a time!

Scott, Julie, Ian, Quinn & Lilly Trautman
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